9 wonderful spots on Wulumuqi Road

Wulumuqi Road might be one of the most 'wanghong' parts of town, but that doesn't stop it from being one of our favourites

Cover design by Sammi Sowerby
Written by Michael MacLaren
Edited by Sammi Sowerby

Wulumuqi Road might be one of the most wanghong parts of town, but that doesn't stop it from being one of our favourites. Now the seat of The Avocado Lady, the reigning queen of Wulumuqi, the road is packed out with almost anything you could possibly need. It's no exaggeration to say that this street, which is home to quaint and quirky boutiques, mouthwatering eateries, and more, has it all.

According to the experts at Historic Shanghai, before the road as it’s known today was first laid out after WWI (it was completed in 1921), its three sections had different names and spanned the length of two concessions: the then International Settlement and French Concession. Wulumuqi North Road was Tifeng and Tihua roads (before and after WWII, respectively); Wulumuqi West Road was named Route Magy after a Shanghai resident killed during WWI; and Wulumuqi South Road was Route Louis Dufour, also named after a resident who died during the WWI.

It would take us months to document every small business on this stretch, but here are nine standout spots to get you started.

1) Lumos


Playfully named after the spell of light and illumination from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Lumos is a boutique hole-in-the-wall florist.

What the shop lacks in space it makes up for in selection. It's near impossible to hurry past Lumos, as its selection of flowers will stop you in your tracks. We've spotted some truly exotic flora here, from black tulips to a 'star-spangled' flower with a mane to put a lion to shame.

Lumos prides itself in providing fresh, fragrant and breathtaking flower arrangements while also offering vases to add a touch of vibrance to any space — so don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

📍 208 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Jing'an

2) Eat by Diner

An institution founded by the late and great F&B personality Austin Hu, Diner has rebranded itself in recent months, and now goes by Eat by Diner or 喫饭 by Diner ('qieve' means 'eat' in the Shanghainese dialect). Larger-than-life personality Chef Gabo now helms the kitchen, so you know you're in for a fun time.


Come here in the day for classic and creative takes on American diner favourites. The cheeseburger, for instance, is textbook perfect and everything you could ever want in a burger, whereas the Fried Chicken & Croffles and roast chicken marinated in 白8 Baijiu are likely the only dishes of their kind in town.


At night, the diner becomes more of a playground for Gabo's mad food scientist experiments: think tasty snacks, sometimes literally paired with booze — as seen with the tuna tartare churros balanced on a glass of Estrella Beer — and the "best cheesecake in the world" (our editor Sammi's words) that's capped with caviar if Gabo is feeling extra generous that night.

📍 145 Wuyuan Middle Road, Xuhui

3) An Ko Rau

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 8.43.57 AM

A visit to Wulumuqi Road wouldn't be complete without doing a bit of window shopping. The trendiest clothing store of the lot is arguably Chinese sportswear brand An Ko Rau, which is pushing the 'gorpcore' aesthetic. Akin to athleisure in that it also fuses fashion with functionality, gorpcore takes street trends to hiking trails.

Words like 'granola' and 'hipster' floated around this writer's head as he browsed the camo-patterned camping chairs, flannel shirts, bucket hats and hiking gear here. Now that we're in the midst of warmer weather though, perhaps it's time to cop a new neon top or cap.

📍 243 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Xuhui

4) Tagi


Tagi's bold and bright blue facade lures many passersby inside, where a treasure-trove of quirky, colourful — and sometimes fuzzy or felted — knickknacks await.


From the coffee cups to the tote bags and colourful cutlery, everything here has character. While the randomness of this place might be disconcerting at first, you may chance upon something you never thought you needed — a checkered-cloth-bound diary, perhaps.

📍 247 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Xuhui

5) Seoul Snacks


As its name implies, hole-in-the-wall spot Seoul Snacks specialises in Korean soul food like sweet, sticky and spicy rice cakes and fishcake skewers.


Adventurous eaters might enjoy their eyebrow-raising food combos, like their topokki topped with marshmallows and mozzarella cheese and the infamous fried chicken sundae that appeared in our roundup of insane ice cream creations last summer.

📍 298 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Xuhui

6) YISID Gelato


Wulumuqi Road is particularly popular during the warmer seasons, as a high number of tenants offer cold confectioneries. Sometimes it can be hard to make a confident decision on which store to patronise.

We decided to skip the queue at gelataria Azabuya and popped into YISID Gelato, which boasts ample seating and nearly 20 unique flavours — a few that caught our eye were Diplomat Rum, Lychee Rose, Nutty Caramel Sea Salt and Walnut Black Sesame.

Cups start at 38 RMB for classic flavours and 48 RMB for their 'Crown Select' options.

📍 313-315 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Xuhui

7) Kate Wood


You'll recognise this store by the half-wood, half-painted mural outside.

As the second half of the brand's name suggests, Kate Wood, which was founded in Amsterdam in 2012, specialises in products made from renewable resources. Think watches with wooden bands, sunglasses with wooden frames, and bamboo bicycles; the place has really 'carved' a niche for itself (see what we did there?).

What's more, 10% of all proceeds are donated to the Orbis foundation, which aids children with impaired vision.

📍 336 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Xuhui



Looking for a healthy alternative in the sweets department? Saunter past Azabuya and YISID Gelato and stop at YoSUPER instead. The yogurt brand has plenty of nutritious and flavourful options, from Greek yogurt to granola bowls, to hit the spot. Plus, their yogurt consistency is deliciously thicker and creamier than most store-bought yogurt.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 8.52.49 AM

📍 361 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Xuhui

9) High Yaki The Sea

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 9.01.19 AM

At the corner of Wulumuqi and Hengshan roads resides seafood haven High Yaki The Sea, which primarily serves Japanese-inspired plates, from scrumptious tuna sashimi bites to flat lobster and Wagyu ribeye. We have yet to try something on the menu that's not worth raving about.

TIME OUT TIP: Prebook the Snow Crab Fried Rice at least a day in advance to avoid food envy when you see it on other tables.

📍 8 Hengshan Road (corner of Wulumuqi South Road), Xuhui