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Lead Generation ServicePLEASE NOTE: Leads will be emailed to you or can be downloaded from your account. You can upload it to your own autoresponder system daily.



The best way to go about getting more customers is building your marketing lists, growing them constantly and diligently, and making sure that offer gets as much exposure as it possibly can and reaches a wide audience of potential prospects. Easier said than done, right?

I’m guessing you’re spending boatloads of money on expensive advertising – PPC campaigns, Display Networks, linking, directory submissions, marketing yourself through every possible channel under the sun. And that’s just the part of your work. The other part involves writing articles, creating ads, coming up with creative ideas to get your content out there. It’s back-breaking work! How would you feel about a service that allows you to grow your list without breaking a sweat?

Here are just a few things you are probably doing right now to get new subscribers:

  1. Create several lead capture pages to capture qualified leads.
  2. Purchase expensive advertising in order to drive visitors to your lead capture pages.
  3. Constantly working on your pages to improve your lead conversions.
  4. Do back-breaking work, like, article writing, linking, submit to directories, social bookmarking and a million different things to drive traffic.
  5. Search partners and associates who can help you get more leads and subscribers.
  6. Market your website DAILY in order to get more subscribers on your list.

Fortunately, there is a much simpler way to get more opt-in subscribers on your list – and it’s surprisingly easy and affordable too…

Co-Registration Lead Program.
Works Hard On Delivering You Qualified Leads!

This program plugs in your offer on High Traffic Websites on our network and will gather check-box opt-in leads and subscribers for you — 24 hours an day, 7 days a week!

Here’s how it works.

  • We custom design your unique offer – we’ll get it all dolled up for you. Custom graphic, your brand logo, or anything else that will allow your offer to stand out and get noticed.
  • We display it on our ‘Thank You’ pages – your offer will get plugged into our Network and will gather leads for you on a daily basis. Keep in mind that our network gets over 5.4 MILLION visitors per month and more than 2000 registrations daily!
  • Subscribers opt-in using a check-box – we use an unchecked checkbox for your opt-in. No one is forced to get on your list so it’s a safe bet that freezing cold leads won’t get sent to you. You get to market to people who have shown a genuine interest in what you offer!
  • You download the leads daily – We’ll send you all the leads we collect on a daily basis. You choose the format and the delimiter. The only thing that’s left is to input them into your list and you’re all set to go!Stop wasting your time and your money.

Multiple Stream Media publisher network attracts 5.4 Million visitors per month, 2400+ registrations per day! Display your check box opt-in offer on high traffic websites on our publisher network, capture fresh leads (24 hours or less) daily.

Partner With A Network That attracts 5.4 Million Visitors Per Month, 2400 Registrations Per Day.

When it comes to ‘List Building’…You know what to do, BUT you often give up because of the overwhelming amount of work involved in ‘driving traffic’, and ‘converting’ them into subscribers..

Here’s how your offer is displayed.

We place your “Image Branding Logo” and “Your Offer” on the thank you pages of relevant websites on our network — allowing tens of thousands of our double opt-in subscribers a chance to opt-in to your list.

Co-Registration Display Ads

We will create your ‘brand logo’ (could be your company logo) or the area of Interest that you are targeting with a ‘Un-checked’ check box ()by its side and place it on the appropriate publisher’s website.

Once they subscribe by checking the box, they become a subscriber to your specific listed offer. Leads are collected on a daily basis and sent to you by email and web based download form.

The process of generating sales leads starts the second a consumer decides to join, and clicks on an offer, and opts-in/opts-out to receive more information.

Leads are sent to you on a daily basis.

You receive the consumer’s full name, address, city, state, ZIP, email address, and IP Stamp. Our Lead program allows you to build a large database of opt-in prospects and subscribers very quickly. Custom Opt-In And Fresh Leads: All subscribers have given permission to email them offers from specific category of interest. Leads are fresh and no more than 24 hours old.

Data Available:

– First Name and Last Name
– Email Address
– Mailing address
– Stamped IP address
– Date and time of Opt-in
– Double opt-in and verified
– Delimiter Options:

You have the option to select the format and the delimiter that you wish to receive these leads. When you receive the leads, It’s as simple as inputting it to your list.
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No waiting around!

Co-registration opt-in program will get you the results you need to market your products and services directly into your prospect’s inbox! It works faster than any other method of list-building and we guarantee results!

Don’t wait! Leverage our knowledge and use our network to get a steady stream of new opt-ins on a daily basis. This means that your business will grow steadily but you’ll get a chance to enjoy your time away from the grind!

Why wait for months to build your own mailing list if you can use our resources to build your business in just weeks. Select the ideal package from here and start generating leads now. Your campaign can be up and running within 24 hours!