Hire A Team: Get Results Fast.

Are you looking to Leverage Time, Reduce Effort, & Increase your Return-On-Investment with your online campaigns?…


…More specifically, your on-going traffic generation, List building, lead generation, campaign design and optimization? If so, then this may be just what you are searching for…

Upon speaking with and helping hundreds of Internet Marketers over the years, we understand the challenge that marketers face to build a growing client base.

The two main challenges are…

  1. Lack of knowledge and experience with advertising and traffic generation.
  2. Lack of time to manage and optimize various campaigns.

Or, you may be looking to expand your business and don’t want to hire in-house staff to manage your campaigns.
Our dedicated team of traffic & conversion experts, designers, and campaign management experts, can help design your offer, drive traffic, optimize and scale, and keep it going month after month for you. It’s all completely done-for-you, so that you can focus on the core work that you enjoy doing within your business.

Introducing… our monthly done-for-you service…

“Power Promotion Package”

Our Power Promotion Package is an ongoing Advertising, Traffic, and Lead generation campaign done for you by experienced online marketers.

  1. We design your ads and creatives.
  2. We launch and schedule your campaigns on our publisher network.
  3. We guarantee exposure, traffic, and leads daily.

All we need is your offer page, and a few minutes of your time to discuss your goals.

Who Is This For?

for marketers and business owners who wish to seek expert help and see fast results

The “Power Promotion Package” is for marketers and business owners who wish to seek expert help and see fast results with their online business. If you can relate to any of the following scenario, then you will benefit:

  1. Small business owner looking to scale your business quickly.
  2. Affiliate marketer who needs daily traffic and results.
  3. Network marketer who is looking to get more referrals.
  4. CPA promoters who is looking for new source of traffic.
  5. Home based business owner looking for expert help and leverage.

What Is Included In The Package?

  1. Strategy session. Via phone, Live Chat service, or Skype.
  2. Campaign Design. Ad copies & creatives for your campaign.
  3. Targeted Traffic. Using email advertising, and display advertising on our publisher network.
  4. Tracking & Reporting. Track everything within your advertisers interface.
  5. Ongoing Ad Optimization. Manage and edit ads to optimize your conversions.

Normal Price Is $1386/month. Get It Now For Only $497/month

We use several sources to get fresh new visitors to your offer. Although they come from different sources, you will be able to track all activities right from your advertiser interface. Below are the three main methods we use to drive traffic.

1. 4 Personalized Email Recommendations To Our Buyers List: (Valued at $597)

We will write a Recommended Style email to our in-house buyers list of 243K subscribers (new subscribers added daily)- And mail it out to them 4 times a month. This is a list of subscribers who have previously purchased affiliate products and services from us.

2. 5000 Targeted Clicks Campaign On (Regular Price $299)

We will design your email ad — and promote your campaign to the right target market and guarantee 5000 new visitors to your landing page each and every month.

3. 100K Ad Impressions On Network: (Regular Price $240)

We will design your banner ads, text ads, and Interstitial ads – and promote your campaign on the network. We will also guarantee 100,000 ad impressions each month.

4. Campaign Design & Management: (Regular price $250)

We take care of all the design (all banner sizes) and management for your campaigns so that you don’t have to spend extra to get your marketing and ads designed.

Avoid spending several hours per week managing and tweaking your campaigns and wasting money on testing.  Our Normal Price  for the traffic and design alone Is $1386.

Get It Now For Only $497/month and lock in this special price for as long as you like.

Our Guarantee

The results that we deliver you is crucial to our success. We are dedicated in serving your needs and making you money, period. We guarantee that we will design the best possible ads for your campaign, expose your offer to a minimum of half a million impressions on our network – monthly.

Ready To Accelerate Your Monthly Income?

Power Promotion Package is an ongoing monthly service focused on making you the most money from your online ventures. We do everything from designing your ads and driving guaranteed traffic directly to your offer link. Click the button below to start the process.

Note: Due to the time and the personal attention required to deliver outstanding and result oriented service, we are forced to make this package available to a limited number of clients at this time. We currently have only 3 spots available.