Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Blog Defender Review

Blog Defender: Your WordPress Site Hacked?

The brute force attacks against WordPress sites just doesn’t end, hackers are constantly recruiting new blogs for their ‘Zombie’ army, which side on you on? Make sure you’re not part of the ‘Walking Dead’. “Botnets” use hundreds of thousands of unique IP addresses (from compromised/hacked ‘Zombie’ computers across the world) to attack hosts across the […]

Build a responsive list in 2016

6 Tips To Building A Super Responsive List In 2016. 6

So you’ve made it across the first hurdle – you’ve managed to build a list for email marketing and now you are getting ready to…what, start counting the cash? Hold your horses. While list-building is an important first step in this entire process it’s definitely not a done deal that will magically turn into a […]


Webtraffic21 Review: Smart & Affordable Affiliate Marketing List Building Traffic Source 1

A good marketing list is bread and butter of every affiliate marketer. Building and nurturing it is the most important thing you will be doing and if it’s not then I’m sorry to say that you’re going about it the wrong way. What is the point of having a great product if you can’t get […]

PPC Campaign Management Service

Expert Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management (No Extra Charge)

Everyone needs a helping hand at times, especially if they are dabbling with something that’s beyond their professional expertise. If you were planning on investing in the stock market would you jump at an opportunity to have a true professional handle your money? Of course you would. You’re no expert and that guy can make […]

Power Promotion: Done For You Traffic & Lead Generation

Power Promotion: Done For You Traffic & Lead Generation. 6

Do you know that your business can expand beyond your dreams without you having to lift a finger for it? That’s right, just this once, less work on your part will translate into more leads and ultimately more money. But before I continue, let me ask you a question. Are you struggling to get more […]

Post-Purchase, Re-engagement, Transactional Email Templates.

Email Autoresponders Series 3 – Post-Purchase, Re-engagement, Transactional Email Templates. 8

We’re on the last leg of our journey through the types of emails you will most likely have to send out as a part of one autoresponder series or another. Read PArt 1 and Part 2 here is you missed it. As I’ve mentioned, each of these emails serves a particular purpose. Not all of […]


Email Autoresponders Series 2 – Content Offers and More – Templates Included 6

Last time, we’ve talked about automated messages and welcome emails in Email Autoresponsers Series 1 – those that you absolutely have to nail as they can break or make your relationship with your subscribers. Today I’d like to move on to four other types of content – ones I’ve found to be particularly useful in […]