Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

Build a responsive list in 2016

6 Tips To Building A Super Responsive List In 2016. 6

So you’ve made it across the first hurdle – you’ve managed to build a list for email marketing and now you are getting ready to…what, start counting the cash? Hold your horses. While list-building is an important first step in this entire process it’s definitely not a done deal that will magically turn into a […]

Facebook Advertising Mastery Review

6 Reasons You Should Use Facebook Advertising (Facebook Advertising Mastery Review) 19

It’s been years since Mark Zuckerberg came up with the brilliant idea of Facebook. It was not the first social platform out there but it definitely is one that buried a couple of its predecessors and evolved into the largest that we know and use today. Facebook had over 1.65 billion users in the first […]

Post-Purchase, Re-engagement, Transactional Email Templates.

Email Autoresponders Series 3 – Post-Purchase, Re-engagement, Transactional Email Templates. 8

We’re on the last leg of our journey through the types of emails you will most likely have to send out as a part of one autoresponder series or another. Read PArt 1 and Part 2 here is you missed it. As I’ve mentioned, each of these emails serves a particular purpose. Not all of […]


Email Autoresponders Series 2 – Content Offers and More – Templates Included 6

Last time, we’ve talked about automated messages and welcome emails in Email Autoresponsers Series 1 – those that you absolutely have to nail as they can break or make your relationship with your subscribers. Today I’d like to move on to four other types of content – ones I’ve found to be particularly useful in […]


Email Autoresponders Series 1 – Handy Welcome Email Templates 5

Just like everything else in life, good marketing takes time. This is actually a bummer because I’m quite tight with time as I’m sure you are. Time is money as they say, and so if you’re wasting time you might as well be burning hundred dollar bills. Luckily, email autoresponders help you whittle down on […]

Writing for busy people.

4 Tips for Marketing to Busy People 2

I’m busy these days. I’m writing, reading, learning, and working. I’m taking care of my family and trying to spend time with my children. I’m running multiple businesses, traveling, living life to the fullest, and spending time on spiritual learning and practices  – admittedly, I’d really like to do more of the latter but guess […]

Manage Inactive Subscribers

How to Manage Inactive Subscribers – Without Hitting Delete

Let me ask you a question: What do you think is the most prevalent fear email marketers face today? Not being able to get people to subscribe? Or maybe that they are boring people to death with their emails? For me, it is the fear that I’m putting in all this hard work into something […]