A Step By Step On How To Rock Email Marketing (My Email Marketing Empire Review)

My Email Marketing Empire Review

How to Email Your Way to Cold, Hard Cash

If you’ve ever wondered what is a medium that people use the most to share information amongst themselves you might be surprised to find out that it is email. That’s right – it’s not Facebook, it’s not Twitter, it’s not Snapchat – none of those relatively new services can hold a candle to good old-fashioned email.

According to research, nearly 70% of important and action oriented shares take place over email. That is a whopping percentage.

So why am I telling you all this?

Because I want you to understand that if you’re not harnessing the power of email marketing, you’re leaving money on the table every single day. And I’m not talking only about feeding your own list with various offers either. Your list can be 5,000 or 50,000 thousand strong and that’s great – surely you will be able to make some sales with such lists. You will definitely be able to make more sales with a larger list though.

But the way to truly stand out and tap into the power that email marketing offers you is to turn people on your list into advocates for whatever it is you’re promoting. The real way to cash in is to have those people spread the word around about your product and how great it is – completely on their own – no incentive, no payouts, and no affiliate programs of your own.

Fueled only by the immense power of your salesmanship.

My Email Marketing Empire

Recently I came across an excellent training program called My Email Marketing Empire, developed and taught by Matt Lloyd of MOBE – My Online Marketing Empire. Matt is a guy who started with nearly nothing but he built a multi-million dollar enterprise by helping others achieve their business and financial dreams.

Not bad for a guy who started off with ZERO experience about online marketing. But Matt learned and Matt fought…and Matt eventually became one of the most sought out internet marketing experts in the world.

And now Matt is helping you do the same. He himself credits his email strategy as one of the most crucial aspects of his success and he’s willing to teach you how to be a better email marketer in 8 simple and easy training modules.

Modules deal with everything from explaining the basic concepts of email marketing to segmenting your lists so you can better personalize your emails and get more people interested and buying from you.

By far the most interesting and helpful module is module 4 Writing emails that sell.

That little nugget is worth the price tag all by itself. Remember I was telling you about writing emails that will have your readers want to leap up, buy your product, and get all of their friends to buy it as well? This module is all about learning how to write those emails. There is a little caveat however – your product shall not suck! But then again –neither does it have to be great.

Excellent copy continually sells some shoddy products – unfortunately, I have yet to see crappy copy selling an exquisite product. If you don’t tickle people with your words, they simply don’t care!

Module 4 – Writing Emails That Sell – covers the following:

– The general principles of copy writing
– The 6 Psychological Triggers of Influence
– Developing your own Swipe File
– 7 Elements Of Emails That Sell

This information truly is gold. I purchased the course myself and was amazed at the results.

You see, my typical conversion rates are good. I have a steady stream of income and some great products that I’ve designed to help people achieve success in online marketing and I can’t really complain.

After the purchase of the training course I devoted my attention to the copywriting module straightaway. I found it most interesting and I thought I give it a glance first. I devoured the thing. I immediately sat down to revise all my email pitches using the advice I found there.

Five days letter my conversion rates doubled! And the only thing I’ve changed was my email copy! Everything else stayed the same – products, services, even the landing pages!

That’s from one single module – Imagine when I get the chance to go through all of them!

As I’ve mentioned you will get access to 8 learning modules in this course and the copywriting one is just one of them –even though it did prove to be the most useful one for me.

But if you’re just getting started you will want to take it step by step and this course is one of the most holistic when it comes to email marketing to date.

– Module 1: Laying The Foundations
– Module 2: Finding Offers To Promote To Your List
– Module 3: Email Marketing Metrics – How To Make More Money For Each Email
– Module 4: Writing Emails That Sell
– Module 5: Segmenting Your List For Increased Profits
– Module 6: Big Paydays With Promoting Launches
– Module 7: Big Paydays With Promoting Webinars
– Module 7: Big Paydays With Promoting Webinars

Have you ever seen anything as comprehensive and detailed – hours of videos and handbooks that you can use to step up your game and join the elite email marketers – all of which use this course as a reference point when they need to freshen up their knowledge of the subject matter.

All I can really say now is that if it’s worked for me, it’s definitely going to work for you. If you’re struggling with email marketing, if people are not opening and reading your emails – and if you’re TIRED of that! – it’s time to invests into My Email Marketing Empire.

Learn how to grow your list, how to keep your readers engaged and interested, and how make them spread the word of your awesome offers to their friends.

Join 370, 000 successful entrepreneurs using MOBE programs and training and skyrocket your business right now!