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WebTraffic21 is a no-nonsense service designed for marketers and everyone else who is looking to get more traffic, more leads, and more customers! We have years of experience in getting qualified traffic to your sites, which is reflected in the great service that WebTraffic21 provides to hundreds of satisfied clients!

“I always recommend Webtraffic21 to all my associates! It’s on the top of the list of my advertising resources!” – Milton Hurley

“I will most definitely recommend Webtraffic21 to anyone who is looking to generate more sales and get brilliant results from targeted advertising.” – Julian Davies

“I’d always recommend Webtraffic21 to anyone who needs excellent results, especially if they are working with a limited advertising budget.” – Steve Strickland

Use WebTraffic21 to:

– Promote your offers to a targeted audience
– Offer free content and build your own marketing lists
– Market your latest Amazon products or YouTube videos
– And More!

Cost-effective, efficient, and scalable, WebTraffic21 offers you the most competitive CPC rates on the market today!

Running solo ads or Google campaigns can be a costly endeavor, with CPC rates ranging anywhere from $ 0.45 to $ 5, depending on your industry and the type of traffic you’re after!

WebTraffic21 can get you where you need to for a lot less! Our CPC rates are affordable and go from ¢ 4 to ¢ 9 per click!

The reason why we’re able to keep our rates so low in comparison to others is because we nurture our relationship with our clients who are more than willing to participate in our incentivized program and are always coming back for more. We do large media buys and cooperate with several networks.

All sign-ups are double opt-in and verified! Subscribers are asked to fill out an extensive survey when they register and are segmented according to their answers. This means that you can safely browse any of our 21 major niches and be confident that your offer won’t fall on deaf ears and will reach an interested audience!

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But your savings don’t end there!

If you subscribe to our services you will also get 20 % OFF on every package in our offer. Don’t worry – you won’t get chained down to your subscription. You can easily unsubscribe at any point without as much as a stern look from us!

Act today and you will be shaving 30 % off your total cost! Not only will you be saving money in comparison to other methods of getting traffic to your site but you will be able to stretch your limited marketing budget and scale your marketing efforts all in one fell swoop!

Currently we have over 13.4 MILLION subscribers with new ones opting-in every day!

Cost per click


Low Cost Per Click

Low Cost Per Click

One of the most competitive in the industry! We want to keep it low because we want you to keep us your main source of traffic. The lower the CPC the more you can advertise – and the more you advertise the faster you grow your revenue!

Audience Targeting

Targeted Advertising

Target Your Market

All our subscribers are segmented according to the survey they’ve submitted during the opt-in process. Select your targets in deference to their interests, country, gender, age, home ownership, income, employment, occupation etc.

Instant Reach

Your offer will be sent in the Email format. The process is simple and intuitive but the most important thing is that it’s extremely fast! No more waiting around for your ad to go out. Log in, select the parameters, write the copy, and submit it for approval. We will design and format it and it will be sent back to you for review. Once you approve it, it goes to your selected audience. The entire process sometimes takes less than 3 hours!

Multiple campaign capabilities

Scale your campaigns easily

You can run as many campaigns as you like or need. We actually advise that you always go with more than one campaign for an offer in order to test what works best. Once you find that magic formula you can scale your campaigns and deliver your offer to tens of thousands of people!

Guaranteed clicks

Depending on the package you choose, we always guarantee a fixed number of clicks that is usually delivered between 2 to 7 days. This, of course, will depend on your target audience. We monitor your campaign constantly and will resend it until you get the number of clicks you paid for!

Optimized Email Ads

Email ad design service

Carefully designed and optimized ad is crucial for your success. Now, we understand that not everyone has the time and the expertise to tackle that. That is why we offer ad design as an additional service. If you want your ad to be readable and appealing across multiple platforms, make sure to get our professional design services!

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Get your message to the right audience at the right time with WebTraffic21!

Looking forward to helping you grow your business!

Abe & Team


  • Joy Healey

    Hi Abe, That sounds a very interesting service. I’ll investigate further.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  • Karthigan Srinivasan

    Interesting, I have never heard of them before. Thanks for sharing, Abe!

    • Abe Cherian

      Webtraffic21 used to be Thanks for your feedbak Joy!

  • Sue Bride

    I’m impressed by the number of subscribers. I’ll certainly keep this in mind as I’ve just started up a couple of e-commerce sites.

    • Abe Cherian

      Hi Sue, Thanks for your feedbak!

  • Chery Schmidt

    Hello Abe! This is the first time I have heard of this before and it certainly does sound like a great way to get some real traffic! Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

    • Abe Cherian

      You are welcome! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Joan Harrington

    Hi Abe :) Never heard of this service……will definately be checking more into it as I am just learning about how to get more targeted clicks. Thanks for sharing!

    • Abe Cherian

      Yes, getting or paying for traffic comes after you have setup a funnel for your marketing, so take your time. You are welcome and thank you for your feedback.