Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design.

Now you can have Mobile Optimized Landing Pages that are creative, stunning, and effective.

Get a Landing Page that converts browsers into Leads and Buyers.

For any Internet marketing campaign – PPC, email, social media, etc. – the landing page is where the rubber meets the road. A landing page is a true marketing workhorse: It must explain, persuade, provide a clear path to action, visually engage the reader, and convey all of this in a matter of seconds.

A great landing page means high conversions, more leads and more sales.

6 Elements of and effective Landing Page design:

  1. Offer that highlights your Unique selling proposition.
  2. The main benefits of the offer.
  3. The hero shot (graphics).
  4. Social proof elements. (case study, testimonials…etc)
  5. Social media elements.
  6. Bold call to action.

Sample Landing Pages:

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