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A Complete Done-For-You Online Marketing For Your Business!

Dear Online Business Owner,

When your are READY to run a "Profitable Online Business" - You are READY FOR STREAM-4!

More than just money or flashy objects, you need to build a business that you will be proud of -- one that will make you wealthy, and give you a sense of real accomplishment.

If you believe that you deserve more, even if you are currently feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure about making your mark, why not take a careful look at this "Done-For-You" Online Marketing Package.

The 4 Key Areas Of Online Marketing That We Focus On Are:

  1. Setup and Design

  2. Content Creation and Promotion

  3. Linking and Distribution

  4. Advertising and Traffic

Below are the tasks that we can do for you on a weekly basis. But more than that, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you experience a team that is completely dedicated to you. (Why not request for a free consultation and find out)

STREAM-4 Monthly Package


S/N Tasks Description STREAM-4 Package
1 Domain name & hosting Start off by branding you with your business with your own domain name and setup a scalable platform that can handle fast growth. Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service

Website design

Design your website with your unique brand in mind.

Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service


Landing Page Design

Create your lead funnel and list building system using the list management service of your choice.

Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service

4. Blog Setup & Design Setup and design SEO optimized blog under your main domain and brand. Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
5. Keyword Research Compile keyword list for SEO and to drive buyer traffic.  
6. Setup Business Profiles Open accounts and setup your business profiles on 30 business networking sites, press release directories, and bookmarking websites. Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
7. HTML Email Ad Design Design and create your HTML email advertisements for advertising and promotions. (Note: Advertising and traffic is included in the Stream-4 package) Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
8. Banner Ad Design Design banners in 6 standard sizes for ongoing Pay-per-click campaigns. (Note: PPC advertising on AdClickMedia Network included in the Stream-4 package) Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
9. Classified Ad Writing Write text ads for advertising on classifieds networks. (Note: Posting to classified networks and craigslist promotions included in the Stream-4 package) Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service






Weekly Report


Article Writing

1 unique article written specifically for your keywords. (Note: Our writers can research and write contents for any market)

1 Article per week

Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service

11. Blog Post 1 unique blog written specifically for your keywords. 1 Post per week Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
12. Content Publishing Post your contents on your blog for you. Once a week Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
13. Social Media 'Like' and mention your posts on social media. As needed Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service






Weekly Report

14. Article Submission Manually submit your article on 20 high traffic article directories online. Once a week Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
15. Blog Network Submission Post your blog posts to 5 related blog networks Once a week Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
16. Bookmarking Submit your article and blog posts to 20 popular bookmarking sites Once a week Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service
17. Classified Network Submission Submit your classified ad to 11 classified sites, including craigslist local listing. Once a week Affiliate Program Promotion and Advertising Service


Advertising Methods

Ad Network & Description



Monthly Visitors


Targeted List Advertising

Email advertising targeted to your audience and demographics.

Once a month


40% CTR
(Minimum of 2000 Visitors per month)


Endorsed Newsletter Email Drop

Source: Rent-a-list
Endorsed email advertising to our Newsletter Subscribers

1 per week




Pay-Per-Click Text & Banner Ads

Source: AdClickMedia
Ongoing campaign on AdClickMedia Publisher sites

Ongoing Daily Campaign

21,000+ Publisher Websites

$100 Deposit per month


Interstitial Advertising

Source: FreeWeeklyLotto
4 Week Sponsorship advertising

Once a week


6000 Click Through per month

Tracking & Reporting

Total Reach

Minimum Visitors


We provide real time tracking for all campaigns except for the endorsed email drop to businessworldlist. You may use third party tracking if you wish to.


Minimum 8K+/mo

Ongoing Coaching


Coaching & Consultation by email, phone, and live chat is available to 'Stream-4' clients during normal business hours. Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 4:30PM EST. Phone: 1(845) 383 1007

Total Cost: $750 (One time fee) And $1497/Month


Accelerate Your Online Business & Secure Long Term Success Starting Today!


Setup Fee & Design (includes personal consultation with our team) $750 (one time fee)
Ongoing Coaching, Content,, Distribution, Traffic & Promotion (weekly promotions and daily traffic) $1497 (monthly fee)

Why Choose Us?

It’s no secret that there are thousands of other online marketing companies trying to win your business. And if you’re just looking for a temporary fix or one particular service, they may even have something of value to you.

However, no other company will offer your business such a total package, at a price that’s affordable for a small business. Which is what matters most, isn’t it?

After all, getting maximum results at a minimal investment is one of the key secrets for long-term success...

That’s why Stream4 offers you a complete online marketing package that will:

  1. Put you on the right track from day one, eliminating the unnecessary waste of time and money...

  2. Make your business and its brand more ‘valuable’ to your market...

  3. Position your website for free, unstoppable streams of buyer traffic from search engines...

  4. Plus, generate a surge of targeted visitors...

And since your e-mail advertising (including lead capture) is taken care of for you, you’ll also be able to follow up those leads whenever you want!

We’re Here For YOU...

Results are obviously a great thing to have...

But our company also prides itself of having a highly-qualified team of dedicated, talented and—equally important—friendly staff...

Imagine being able to level the playing field and compete with bigger companies, by having your own team of experts at your disposal...

It’s almost like having...

Your Own Personal Mini Advertising Agency!

...without the need for a Fortune-500-sized budget.

Everything you need to have a successful campaign, including:

  1. Unique, professional content creation...

  2. Manual link submissions...

  3. Qualified, paid traffic...

  4. And stunning, conversion-pulling design work... done for you.

And at the end of each week, every detail of your campaign’s progress is contained in a weekly status report!

That also includes an e-mail report and an Excel spread sheet with detailed stats, so you can track the progress down to the finest detail...

How Much Time, Frustration And Wasted Money Would This Save You?

If you were to do all of the things we’ve looked at consistently and with the same intensity—strategy, writing, proofing, submitting, designing, marketing, managing, etc. -- how much would you actually be able to finish?

It could easily take close to 100 hours for most business owners, and that’s whenever it can be squeezed in around other obligations...

As a business owner, it’s safe to say that time is one of the most precious commodities available. 

So why not spend it doing the things you love, while we build your traffic, brand and business for you?

Some might assume that it would be easier and, somehow, more affordable to outsource specific tasks to individual companies...

Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth!

Consider this:

The more you spread yourself out, trying to manage multiple projects from multiple places, the higher the chance there is for trial and error...

Plus, it’s just good business sense to build solid (longterm) relationships, as opposed to dealing with short-term solutions...

Wouldn’t you agree?

We think you'll find that the cost of building a real business online, that is both scalable and long-term, will far exceed that amount in a real world situation.

Whether each provider you’d hire for those services would get results or not -- the time, cost involved, and the learning curve to over come alone will cost you dearly.

However, when you hire the Stream-4 crew to do your marketing for you -- you'll pay only $750 for initial setup and $1497/month for ongoing marketing tasks.

Why shell out so much money and deal with several marketing service providers if you can get it all in one place and get increased results?

The only question is... Do You Qualify?

Given the amount of time required on our part to deliver great results and quality service, we can’t take on everyone...

That’s not a gimmick - it’s the reality of company that cares more about quality than quantity...

Because let’s face it:

Our success as a company is based on making your business a success!

This reason alone is why we only have...

A Limited Number Of Spots Available!

Qualifying isn’t hard...

All that is required is a desire to grow your business and the ability to see just how incredible the value in this offer is...

We’d hate for someone that could really benefit from this service to miss out, only because someone less interested has the last spot...

Fair enough?

Grab Your Spot With Stream-4 Now...Before It’s Too Late!

Stream-4 Marketing Done For You package is a comprehensive package and an investment that will explode your online business the easy and fast way. To make any level of success online, requires time, knowledge, experience, and money. 

Stream-4 is specifically created for marketers who wish to grow an online business that:

  1. Is practical and scalable

  2. Has enormous leverage and results in faster online income

  3. Saves close to 100 hours intensive professional work -- each month

  4. Generates instant traffic, leads, and daily sales

  5. Secures long-term growth and prosperity for your business

PS - Sometimes, not taking action is the most expensive option. You can keep running your business as you have been, or save yourself time and money by investing in the done-for-you services that Stream 4 has to offer. 

Choose Long Lasting Success! Choose Stream-4 Package To Grow Your Online Business: Reserve your spot now.


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