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Partner with us for affordable and scalable ways to drive massive, targeted and responsive audience to your online offers.

There are many online advertising services available to you with promises of driving traffic to your website. If you are confused about which ones to go with, you are not alone.

Small & Medium businesses need to focus more of their time on their primary interests – that is, creating valuable products, protecting their brand, and serving their customers. Spending your valuable time on figuring out new technologies, and managing new traffic generation tactics is often overwhelming for most business owners.

Imagine taking the hardship and frustration off of learning new traffic generation methods, launching campaigns, testing and tracking everything, improving on lead conversions, and many other things and having it done for you!

Here’s where can can help…

Online Advertising: Our Traffic Source

Our Publisher Network (AdClickMedia) currently manages 67,000+ publisher websites in 48 different interest groups. Our Email List Network (WebTraffic21) has over 3.2 million email subscribers in 21 major niches.

Publisher Network

Publishers are partners with high traffic websites, who join our network to display our ads, and to actively promote our advertiser’s offers to their audience. We provide a secure and reliable income stream for our Publishers — and they help promote our advertiser offers to their audience, using display ads (Banners, text ads, full page interstitial ads, and email advertising).

So, what exactly do we offer your business?…

1. Self-Serve Traffic Platforms (Pay-per-campaign)

Self-serve platforms offers you the freedom to start a campaign and start driving targeted traffic right away. All the tools and tracking is provided within the advertisers area.

Our Self-Serve Platforms:

  1. Pay-per-click network. Display text ads, banner ads, interstitial ads, and email PPC ads. Learn more.
  2. WebTraffic21: Targeted Email advertising services. Learn more.
  3. Newsletter Ads: Sponsor ads on our weekly newsletter. Learn more.

2. Done For You Marketing (Monthly)

Our “Power Promotion Package” is an ongoing Advertising, Traffic, and Lead generation campaign done for you by experienced online marketers.

  1. We design your ads and creatives.
  2. We launch and schedule your campaigns on our publisher network.
  3. We guarantee exposure, traffic, and leads daily.

All we need is your offer page, and a few minutes of your time to discuss your goals. Learn more

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