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Online Leads: Pay-Per-Lead.

Fresh online leads directly into your auto-responder service, or download it daily. Join our Media Buy co-op and save big on your lead generation.

Note: We are currently helping lead seekers in the Business Opportunity & Internet Marketing space.

Each month we invest on bulk media buys from various high traffic outlets. The leads that are generated are of top quality that converts well for us.

We’d like to give you an opportunity to join our Interstitial advertising co-op and save big on your own lead generation.


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A Smart Way To Stock Up Your Online Lead Funnel

When it comes to ‘Lead Generation’…You know what to do, BUT you often give up because of the overwhelming amount of work involved in ‘driving traffic’, and ‘converting’ them into qualified leads..

Here are just a few things you are probably doing right now to get new subscribers:

  1. Create several lead capture pages to capture qualified leads.
  2. Purchase expensive advertising in order to drive visitors to your lead capture pages.
  3. Constantly working on your pages to improve your lead conversions.
  4. Do back-breaking work, like, article writing, linking, submit to directories, social media and a million different things to drive traffic.
  5. Search partners and associates who can help you get more leads and subscribers.
  6. Market your website DAILY in order to get more subscribers on your list.

Fortunately, there is a smarter way to get more leads directly into your autoresponders.


Co-Op Leads Program Online.

As we mentioned earlier, our network spends tens of thousands of dollar each month on advertising and lead generation. We buy media in bulk and have locked in lower prices on traffic and leads. We want to offer you a chance to generate leads using the Interstitial traffic that we generate.

Here’s How It Works!

We will host your offer on a page on our server, with your Opt-In box embedded. This page will be rotated on campaigns that we run on our network. Opt-in forms will be pre-populated on load — and displayed on targeted areas of the network. If anyone wants to subscribe to your list, they will opt-in from your opt-in box.

Leads go directly into your Aweber autoresponder account instantly. Your follow up system should take care of it from there.

Program Requirements

  1. You must have an active Aweber account.
  2. List must be single-optin and should open a new window on-click. (We can set this up for you)
  3. You will need to use one of our thank you pages for tracking purpose. We will forward subscribers to your sales page after subscribing.

Form Fields:

  • First Name and Last Name or Full Name
  • Email Address

(You will not be able to collect Address and/or Phone numbers)

Reserve Your Spot Below!

Imagine paying only $1.00 per lead! Most people pay between $0.75 to $1.20 per click and hope that they generate leads. This is your opportunity to SAVE BIG money and SECURE a growing income from your email lists. Select the ideal co-op package and start generating leads now. Your campaign can be up and running within 24 hours! (except for weekends).

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