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Timely release of 'Rick and Morty' pastries by Chinese bakery

Feast on 'Pickle Rick' pastries and more from this Chinese bakery while watching the newly released 'Rick and Morty' season

Photo via Holiland official


Adult Swim’s absurdist animation Rick and Morty is back for its seventh season, promising more intergalactic and interdimensional travels, bodily fluids (both human and alien), family spats, and shock value.

As always, Cartoon Network's programming block for an adult audience is dropping the show's 10 episodes one by one as opposed to all at once. At the time of writing, three episodes have already aired — "How Poopy Got His Poop Back" (October 15), "The Jerrick Trap" (October 22), and "Air Force Wong" (October 29) — while episode four titled "That's Amorte" will be released this Sunday, November 5 at 11 PM ET.

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A complete set of Rick and Morty comic books in Mandarin. Yes, there are comics and no, the cartoon came first. Image via Amazon

A worldwide phenomenon, Rick and Morty, which follows the misadventures of alcoholic yet brilliant grandfather Rick Sanchez and his long-suffering grandson Morty, is more popular in China than you'd think. Season one alone assumes the prestigious position of third place in Douban's 'Top Animated Series' list, and scrolling through Xiaohongshu reveals inumerable works of Rick and Morty fan art and cosplay outfits.

Notwithstanding Rick and Morty's huge success among Chinese audiences, nothing could have prepared us for a Chinese bakery's collaboration with the cult sci-fi sitcom: on September 22, Holiland, a household name in China, took to Weibo and Xiaohongshu to announce a Rick and Morty partnership with Adult Swim.


The 'Holiland x Rick and Morty' pop-up at COSMO Mall, Chengdu, Sichuan. Photo via Holiland official

As part of the timely collab, the chain bakery ran a Rick and Morty pop-up at the trendy COSMO Mall in Chengdu, Sichuan from September 28 until October 15, 2023. Alas, there is none of the sort in Shanghai.



'Pickle Rick' and 'Matcha Portal' pastries. Photos via Holiland official

That said, Shanghai-based fans can get their hands on Holiland's limited edition Rick and Morty treats — which range from a ‘Pickle Rick’ pastry with smooth cucumber mousse to a 'Matcha Portal' dessert with a molten core.

Seek them out at one of the city's five branches or get door-to-door delivery via the official Taobao store: search for '好利来.'