Xu Yan Dining in Shanghai Captivates International Guests with an Immersive Journey into Tang Dynasty Culture

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In an era of increasing global cultural exchange, Xu Yan Dining in Shanghai has emerged as a premier destination, showcasing the elegance and depth of Chinese traditions to a diverse international audience. Through its unique immersive experiences, Xu Yan Dining artfully presents the rich tapestry of the Tang Dynasty’s history, aesthetics, and culinary excellence.

An Immersive Feast Through Time

Xu Yan Dining has become a magnet for distinguished guests from countries including France, Hungary, India, Thailand, the UAE, Lebanon, Brazil, and Chile. The immersive experience at Xu Yan transports these guests into the opulent world of the Tang Dynasty, offering a 360-degree encounter with China's cultural heritage.

Xu Yan’s innovative approach allows guests to delve deeply into Tang Dynasty culture while enjoying gourmet delicacies. Each dish, imbued with historical and cultural significance, narrates the stories of China’s illustrious past. Traditional Tang Dynasty attire and interactive performances further enhance the authenticity, making guests feel as if they have stepped back into a bygone era.



High Praise from International Guests

Xu Yan’s stands as a cultural bridge that seamlessly connects the past with the present, offering an unparalleled immersive experience. Named for its narrative and nostalgic essence, Xu Yan allows guests to enjoy exquisite cuisine while embarking on a historical journey.

The venue masterfully combines elements of dining, ceremonies, and music, replicating the splendor of Tang Dynasty feasts. Highlights include banquets reflecting diverse regional cultures, symbolic gourmet dishes, Tang Dynasty costume role-playing, ancient etiquette reenactments, and performances that meld ancient and modern artistic expressions. Guests enjoy a holistic and interactive experience, capturing the essence of ancient Chinese court life and leaving with indelible memories.

International attendees have described their visits as unforgettable experiences. They were enthralled by the ambiance, enchanted by the food, and deeply moved by the portrayal of Tang Dynasty culture. A guest from France noted, "Experiencing the charm of Tang Dynasty culture up close in such a setting was beyond my expectations. This immersive experience has deepened my understanding and appreciation of China’s rich history and culture."




Global Cultural Outreach

Xu Yan Dining not only offers international guests a window into Chinese culture but also serves as a powerful platform for cultural export. By presenting traditional Chinese culture in a modern, engaging manner, Xu Yan Dining enables a global audience to appreciate its unique allure.


Through Xu Yan, Chinese traditional culture can spread globally, fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding between nations. This initiative lays a robust foundation for the worldwide dissemination of China's cultural heritage.

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Looking to the future, Xu Yan Dining aims to continue pioneering cultural trends with its distinctive charm and innovative techniques, enabling the world to gain a deeper appreciation for Tang Dynasty culture. It will provide more opportunities and platforms for international guests to engage with China, thereby promoting cross-cultural dialogue and cooperation.